Monday, December 19, 2005

Foster has returned

The foster has returned from an overseas trip - she still has not responded to my emails, but she contacted the woman who left the kittens with her.

The woman has told me that the foster has neighbours willing to take the kittens. I asked the woman who found the kittens if she has checked the neighbour out, and she said that she had not, but that because she had eight cats she should be fine. She mentioned the new potential adopter (the neighbour) lives on a ground floor HDB unit. The woman who found the cat mentioned her other friend asked to give this new potential adopter ANOTHER two cats.

I've told the woman who picked up the cats to check out the place and make sure the neighbour is a good adopter. If people are so blase about where the cats end up, then why pick them up in the first place?

Some people feel that because someone already has X number of cats, that they must want more. Here's the thing - most people who already have cats, probably DON'T want anymore. This is not a case of the more, the merrier. If someone has 15 cats for example, please don';t automatically assume that they want to adopt another two or three. They already have their hands full.


Blogger Mary said...

This woman is irresponsible, all she knows and wants is for someone to take in her cats, she is not really interested in the welfare of these cats. Simply 'throwing' her responsibility to others to care for these felines does not make her compassionate or kind. If she truly loves these cats, the least she could do is to visit the potential adopter, and her cats. Words is cheap - it's the action that counts, and i hope she is reading this blog.

19/12/05 1:09 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I called the woman and spoke with her. She said she would get the foster to check out the potential adopter's flat, but I pointed out that neither of us knows the foster. She is worried that the foster may not want to give her address - she said she sensed reluctance the other day when she took the cats. I told her that in that case, please do NOT give up cats to people like that in the future.

She's going to ask the foster to let her know where the potential adopter lives.

19/12/05 3:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please ask this woman to leave the cats/kittens on the streets alone cos she is doing more harm than good.

19/12/05 3:35 PM  

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