Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Losing a cat

We've had quite a few people write in the last few days to mention that they've lost their cats. The cats (mostly pets but some community cats) have been missing for a period of a few days to almost two years.

The most important thing you can do is start looking for your cat ASAP. If a long time has passed, the chances of finding your cat are slimmer. I wrote an earlier posting about this, but I think it bears repeating - call the town council, management committee or whomever manages your estate if there is someone and ask if any cats have been caught. Also make sure you call the AVA - see if any cats matching your cat's description has been brought in, and if so, please go down and pick it up as soon as you can. Some people leave their cats in there and think they can pick them up later, but (1) boarding will cost you and more importantly (2) the cat or cats will be very stressed out.

If the AVA does not have your cat, ask if any of your neighbours may have borrowed a cat trap if you live in on private property.

Also, start walking around your neighbourhood. Make flyers, talk to your neighbours and anyone you meet. There is a link on my blog that says "Lost a Pet" - it has some useful tips that may be useful.

Send CWS a photo and writeup as well and we can put it up on our Lost and Found page.


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