Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lunch and GIRO

Marcus, Michelle and I had lunch with Louis from ACRES. It was nice to meet up and chat. It's always enjoyable to meet up with other people working in animal welfare - it may not always be the same field, but we do face a lot of the same frustrations and joys.

In the course of lunch, we asked Louis about GIRO and he's also banking with the same bank. Apparently he also met over ten trips before they got THEIR GIRO facility set up. By that time, some people cancelled their application. Louis also said that some of their forms ended up in some other branch though they had submitted it to a different branch altogether.

Armed with this knowledge, Michelle, Marcus and I marched down to the bank. The bank officer by this time knows me, and I think even she felt bad. She said she had to call and make sure the procedure was right. She called, and was on the phone for a long time, gesticulating as she spoke. We waited for almost an hour, then she came back and said that she would need to check it up further. She said she wanted to be sure to give the right information this time as she had seen me come back to the same branch so many times.

*Crossing fingers*


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