Tuesday, December 27, 2005


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I hope your Christmas was a peaceful and happy one.

Of course Christmas does mean presents to some, and this is one of my 'presents' - presents in the sense that I bought it and paid for it :) It arrived from the US though - it's a Scarecrow that you place in the garden to scare cats away if you don't want them to defecate on your lawn. It has a motion sensor and shoots out water when the cat steps onto the garden.

With the bagful of Reppers I got from Jolanda, we have a good bunch of stuff to try and keep cats out of places where people don't like them!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe someone can invent a cat repellent utilizing high pitch noise that human cannot hear, to keep community cats away from places like coffeeshops, etc.

27/12/05 11:59 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

There actually is - but the area it protects is not that large. I've not used it myself, but I've heard of people who've used it and said it's very good. Unfortunately it's not available here.

27/12/05 6:55 PM  

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