Friday, December 02, 2005

TNR and traps

I went to deliver three cat traps today. We got a nice donation from one of the people who borrowed one, and for a first, I demonstrated how to use a cat trap at a petrol station where I met a couple who wanted to borrow a trap. I must have looked like a strange person passing illicit material but instead, I was pulling cat traps out of the boot! :)

It's encouraging how many people are getting cats sterilised and how many of these people are newcomers who see that there is going to be a potential problem and decide to give it a go! As Vegancat said, there is more awareness and hence more people doing TNR and it's fantastic!


Blogger yskat said...

It is encouraging to see more people doing TNR. But it would even be better if they (we) can form a collective voice against the anti-cat stance of town councils, who often conveniently repeat the myth that there are more cat haters than cat lovers.

3/12/05 10:54 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes - I firmly believe there aren't. There are people who have issues with the cats, but these can be easily resolved.

3/12/05 11:30 AM  

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