Thursday, December 01, 2005

Trapping cats

One thing that Vegancat brought up is something that the committee has been discussing, which is how cats are trapped. As some of you may not know, there is no licensing for people who commercially trap cats. This means essentially that anyone can go out, and be paid to trap a cat, which is what is happening now. As such, there is not much quality control. I think almost everyone has heard of cats being caught in a less than humane manner, and unless there are definite eyewitnesses, it is extremely hard to catch these people. At the same time, the town councils, Management committees, etc, find that it is really cheap to get rid of the cats.

One thing that may be worth considering is asking that only LICENSED people be allowed to trap commercially. For one thing, this means they would need to have a certain level of training. Of course we would prefer that no cat ever be caught, but they do trap, and will continue to trap, and if so, at least it should be done in the most humane method. The fact that they are being trapped by people who pay to have it done and then send the cats to be killed, should not mean they can do it any way they like. No hitting the cat over the head, no dumping them in gunny sacks, no smashing them around.

This would also mean that it would done by professionals - not the workers that the town council hire who do it for a few dollars. SPCA runs courses I believe to train pest control on how to humanely trap. At the same time, this would mean town councils, Management committees and the like would need to pay MORE. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the difference could come to as much as $70 PER cat. People would think twice if they had to pay $800 to trap ten cats, as opposed to say $80 now. They might be then more open to a TNRM programme.


Blogger Mary said...

i once wanted to rescue a kitten found hidden in the ants infested drain just next to AVA, pasir panjang. i contacted the SPCA for help and they mentioned unless the kitten is physically injured, they cannot be involved and they recommended me a gentleman whom quoted me $50-$80 to have the kitten caught (depending on which method), but i didn't accept his offer because i could not guarantee the kitten would still be in the drain upon his arrival.

1/12/05 6:11 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I'd certainly hope that some of these pest control companies that do not want the cats killed would consider taking a lower fee perhaps to rescue cats, or to help trap cats for sterilisation.

1/12/05 6:15 PM  
Blogger yskat said...

If town councils are really interested in reducing the population of homeless cats, they can always get the pest control people to trap the cats - not to be killed but to be sterilised. This is such a simple solution to what is seen as the "cat problem" but yet these estate managers waste so much time, money and effort pursuing "solutions" that do not work. I wonder if town councils are really interested in finding a solution to the "cat problem", or are they more interested in keeping pest control companies and other "cat trappers" in business.

1/12/05 7:45 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I suspect town councils just want a fast solution actually and they think that if the cats are gone right now, they won't have complaints. They don't consider what happens a little later when the complaints come back.

1/12/05 11:45 PM  

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