Thursday, December 15, 2005

Unusual Donation

A lady wrote in this afternoon to say that she was a breastfeeding mother and asked if we might want a donation of five litres of breast milk. While it's very kind of her, I think there would be problems of storage, and I'm not sure how keen fosters might be on accepting breast milk.

Also, I'm not absolutely sure that human breast milk is going to be compatible with cats. I asked a vet who was a little taken aback but said it ought to be alright. Storage is still the main problem though, and also the fosters might be more comfortable just with something that comes out of a can or packet!

Speaking of donations, don't forget to check out the Christmas auction if you haven't already!


Anonymous mrs budak said...

Would you believe someone actually sent me a video clip of a woman actually breast-feeding a cat??? He wrote "isn't this going a bit too far..." I love cats too although I'm really not sure if I'd actually offer my breast to the cat, this way!

16/12/05 12:57 PM  
Anonymous slushy said...

you can freeze the milk. Can last months.

20/12/05 3:05 PM  

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