Friday, December 23, 2005

Yesterday's workshop

Jolanda and I did what is probably Jolanda's last TNRM workshop in Singapore (though I'd like to be proven wrong!).

We went down to meet a group of seven very enthusiastic volunteers, though I got incredibly lost both before and after the workshop in an industrial estate! Luckily Jolanda got there on time to start the workshop.

We showed the ACA video, and Jolanda showed them how to trap. We also then talked about Management - how to ensure the cats were well taken care of and how to work together (and not against the town council). My voive started to go halfway - thankfully lozenges were quickly produced!

These sessions are always interesting because people bring up a variety of problems and it's always interesting to see how different people tackle it. One of the caregivers also mentioned that she had seen her MP and that he was very supportive of her work, and that now the town council was also working with her as a result. She was very pleased and I think this also gave the rest of the caregivers some hope.

Thank you to BC for organising it and to the volunteer who let us use his home.


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