Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cat going upstairs

The woman whom I dropped Reppers to late last year wrote to tell her town council it wasn't working. She had written to me while I was on leave, and I had written back to tell her I was on leave but asked if I could drop more Reppers by and I didn't hear from her again. What I had explained to her was that the Reppers does not last more than a few weeks - and you do need replacements.

The main situation though is that the feeder needs to be stopped from feeding upstairs. In that case, the person either wasn't home or wouldn't let us in, but there was food outside the flat, which shared the same stairwell as the complainant. We thought there was someone at home, but no one came to the door, so we left a note asking them to stop feeding. Clearly the person has continued to do so.

The complainant sees the problem as the cat and then wants all the cats removed, but the problem really is the person. If the person isn't stopped from feeding upstairs, and the cats are removed, new cats will move in due to the vacuum effect, and then the problem will just start again!

I can see why the complainant is upset, but at the same time, it isn't tackling the root source of the problem. I've ask the town council if they can step in and help and talk to the feeder.


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