Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm not God - really.

Someone wrote in to say that she noticed that quite a few cats liked to sleep under cars and that as a result, they got hurt or killed when the car took off. She asked me to please do something about it so no more innocent cats were killed.

This is a problem as cats do like the warmth cars generate and there are some steps that can be taken - for example, turning on your engine first, and letting it run so that the sound startles the cats. Another thing you can do is to check under the car, and to sound the horn before you start the car. I advised the woman to tell her friends to do this.

I can't however command all cats not to sleep under cars, nor do I have an underground signal to the secret cat network that broadcasts messages to cats near and far. I also have no way either of stopping everyone who drives to check their cars before starting off. I guess I should be flattered the woman thinks I have such power :)


Anonymous Aminah Bee said...

Next time the woman called, you can also mentioned to her that cats died drinking antifreeze solution leaking under cars, used during wintertime in cold countries like USA etc.
You can't stop cats accidental deaths from sleeping underneath cars in Singapore, and neither can you stop cats from drinking sweet tasting but poisonous antifreeze leaking underneath cars in USA.... yes, really you are not God.

Please God protect cats from harm! Amen!

23/1/06 10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently after a particular case in the US where a woman whose puppy died after drinking anti-freeze, the manufacturers put in a bitter tasting compound so cats/dogs don't drink it.

1/2/06 9:14 PM  

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