Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lost cat picked up by pest control

A cat was picked up a few weeks ago from a new condominium complex because a resident complained that the cat had been attacking their dog. I've seen this cat and it seemed very placid and calm to me. At any rate, it hasn't turned up at the AVA though it was picked up by pest control. So where did the cat go? I called up the company but was told the person in charge is not working today.

We've heard stories (and I've spoken to at least one person who worked for a company) who said they release the cats somewhere else so they don't have to be put down. It makes it next to impossible to trace the cats though, and of course the cats are likely to be driven off the territory.

Of course the cats are supposed to be sent to AVA, but there have been stories of cats that have just disappeared after they were picked up.


Blogger Celeste Lock said...

Mine is one good example. Cotton is still missing as of today. Still frustrates me very much to think that I could do nothing! Sigh.

26/1/06 11:44 PM  

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