Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Kittens born

Following on to my earlier post about pregnant cats being taken in, I'm writing about pregnant cats that give birth on the streets in an existing colony. I can safely say that in the top three reasons of why people call the town council or MC to complain and have the cats in their estate trapped is that kittens are born. Quite a few people have asked me why, because they say kittens are so cute.

Most people generally don't mind one or two cats, but when they see kittens, it shows that the cat population is growing. The neighbour who may be tolerant of one or two cats, may not be tolerant of five or six. It shows that there is no programme in place to manage the cat population. It makes them wonder when the population is going to stop growing.

Furthermore, quite a few complainants have said that kittens are so playful they get into everything and that annoys people too. Older cats are more sedate and tend to leave people alone.

Town councils and Management Committees want to see the population controlled. If the population goes up from 2 to 6 overnight, that's an increase for them, and they will take action if a complaint is lodged.

How to solve this? Easy - sterilise early. If the cat is pregnant, of course, people have different feelings on this because some have religious objections. However, bear in mind that the entire colony can be jeopardised - and I have seen it happen. Most experienced caregivers I know sterilise when pregnant or remove the kittens once they are born. However, the latter often end up with overflowing homes.


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