Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Obstructing Plants

Obstructing Plants
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People complain about cats defecating in their plants and this is certainly a problem which must be solved. Just today I have had two complaints about cats defecating in plants. While we will definitely try our best to help, and we do sympathise, it's important to remember that the cats are defecating there, because someone is (i) letting their home cats roam or (ii) feeding the cats upstairs. Removing the cats will not help if this continues since new cats will just move in due to the vacuum effect.

What annoys me is when people try to throw the book at the feeders or flat owners and say that cats are not allowed in flats. Clearly these people need to be educated. However, you know what they say about people in glass houses not throwing stones? Well, neither are plants if they obstruct the corridor. A wider reading would suggest placing anything in a common area is not allowed. Check your town council by-laws.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cat poo is wonderful fertlizer! And it is true how common corridors and staircase landings become storage areas for all the junks!

And also true that the estate is getting dirtier day by day. The playground next to my block becomes a garbage bin after the kids from the nearby school play in them after class.

18/1/06 12:22 PM  
Anonymous other comm member said...

personally i have never encountered cat pee or poo at my staircase landings.

for all you know, they could be dog's poo and pee!

dog and human pee - very common in lifts!

18/1/06 3:53 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes - and again, cats rarely go upstairs unless they're lured up or someone's pets. Why penalise the cat (who does not know better) when it doesn't solve the problem?

18/1/06 4:03 PM  

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