Friday, January 27, 2006

Strange email

We just received a rather strange email from someone who had written in previously to adopt a cat. It was basically just an expletive against cats. I wrote back (as did Lillian) to ask if there was a problem that made her upset. The person wrote back to say that the email wasn't from her, but that she suspected someone may have been tampering with her email of late.

She did mention that she did not get a response from the foster she wrote in to, but that she had adopted another cat from someone else, and she was not upset with the Society or cats in any way.

If you are a foster, and don't respond promptly, this is what often does happen - the adopter will go somewhere else or to someone else and adopt a cat. It's good for any cat that gets adopted and I think everyone is happy that a cat has a home, but may not be good for you as the foster,if you're hoping to get the cat out. Do try and respond promptly or the potential adopter may think you're not interested.


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