Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Taking in too many cats

Speaking of too many cats and the like, a feeder called me today to say that she needs help. She took in more than 40 cats because she felt sorry for them but didn't vaccinate any. Now there is a cat flu outbreak in her house. She said she had not heard of cat flu or any other disease but that she didn't want them to live on the streets. So far, two cats are dead, and another six are sick.

She said she wanted to release them but was worried the town council would round them up. She said she didn't want them abused on the street, but I told her that taking them in is worse - the vacuum effect will kick in, and at the same time, you're putting 40 cats into a small area. The cats are stressed and unhappy.

I asked her if there were cats losing fur and if some of her cats sprayed. She agreed they had. I read somewhere that if you have ten cats,your chances of at least one being a sprayer are very good.

She just called again because another two cats are sick. Quarantining the sick cats is extremely important.

Having said this, I don't think that this in any way proves that SO many women are obsessive about cats. Some people get in over their heads. One man I spoke to today was trying to board cats because his family objects strongly to his taking in anymore. Others, like the Bukit Batok woman the New Paper mentioned, are just hoarders period. There was so much junk in that flat. There was certainly far more junk than cats.


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