Thursday, January 19, 2006

TNRM in a shopping centre?

I went with the volunteers to a nearby shopping centre. The cats have been going to a carpark ramp which is cordoned off, and defecating and the management is not happy. We went to check out the area, and I spoke to one of the security managers (who told me he used to work with the government undercover, where he saw lots of horrible things that gave him high blood pressure - you do meet the most interesting people in this job).

They want the cats removed, but I tried to explain TNRM to him. He said his manager is away this week, but he'll pass the information I have to the manager and have the manager call me.

Not many shopping centres run TNRM programmes. We have worked with two, but for the rest, either they don't have much of a cat problem, or we just have not been approached about it.


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