Monday, January 23, 2006

Urban Legend?

This woman called this morning to say that she knows someone who knows someone who was walking through Tanjong Pagar and saw a group of people luring the community cats and then injecting them with something that may them collapse. Her friend's friend thought it was CWS as there were a number of sterilised cats in the area.

I explained to the woman that CWS does not inject cats - only trained vets can do that, so we trap the cats and bring them into the vet. She has now asked me to call her friend who can put me in touch with the witness.

Here's the thing, as I told the woman - we need the person who actually witnessed it to come forward. I'm going to try and trace her down, but the story firstly, may have morphed several times in the telling. Secondly, it's a lot of conjecture unless we know what happened exactly. It's important to get the actual facts down and to do so, you need the witness.


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