Friday, January 27, 2006

When dogs attack

I just had another call and email from someone whose cats are being killed by dogs. They are at their wit's end because they don't want the dogs to be hurt. However, they also think the dogs are at risk, because it's a matter of time before someone complains again. Then the dogs may also get rounded up. The caregiver mentioned the dogs never used to come out and attack the cats, so she thinks something must have disturbed their routine and she's trying to find out what.

The dogs really are victims in this too - many of them used to be fed and looked after by people, who then dumped them,or moved out of the area. The dogs are then left to fend for themselves, and sometimes end up in packs that then roam around looking for food, and sadly sometimes, attacking cats.


Anonymous polo said...

I'm quite surprised to see packs of dogs in populated areas like Pasir Ris - saw the gang crossing the road in front of the NTUC theme park! And they were trotting so purposefully, like they knew exactly where they were going too. ;)

I'd thought they only hang around construction sites and empty fields those kinds of places. I wonder how they find food and survive.

27/1/06 2:23 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Polo - a lot of them are left stranded when for example people at the construction sites disappear, or some people dump them in these areas. They do have a tough time scrounging for food too.

27/1/06 3:01 PM  

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