Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cats going into adoptive homes

One of the adoption volunteers and I went to see the declawed cats in the post below. Someone posted them for adoption and the adoption volunteer mentioned that it was especially important to make sure that they went to good homes, in view of the fact that they were declawed. The foster said she was posting for a neighbour who was unable to keep them, and who had no internet access and she would do the necessary screening.

The adoption volunteer spoke with the foster about the new adopter, and was a little concerned especially as this was a declawed cat but the foster said she had met the adopter and was very pleased with her. As this is a public adoption board, and these are not our cats, we do not have a say on where they go, and also the foster had met the adopter and said she was a good adopter. A few days later, the new adopter wrote in and said the cat had been lost for two days and that she wanted to adopt another cat. She mentioned that she was sure the cat was being looked after by angels.

The adoption volunteer immediately called the foster who was shocked as she had not been informed. The volunteer said she needed the address and would go down and comb the area. The foster was speechless and offered to help. Before they could go down, the adopter contacted the volunteer to say the cat had been found under the bed.

The foster then said that her neighbour had another four cats to adopt out - ALL declawed. The adoption volunteer and I went down to speak with the owner today. It seemed that she had not really been involved with the screening. The foster meant well and wanted to help out her neighbour and the foster thought the cats would be going to good homes. We tried to convince her to keep her cats because they are very quiet and good cats. Unfortunately she has a new grandson on the way, and she is worried she cannot cope.

We emphasised to her that not every home is a good home and that cats like hers, are really not going to be that difficult to look after. She was under the impression that the cat that had been adopted out went to a good home. She did not know it had gone missing. I am going to talk to the foster again - adoption to another home which is not as good, does not make the cat happier, nor the owner. The owner in fact said she would rather have the cats back then send them to somewhere where they weren't happy.


Anonymous auntie p said...

Waa...that adopter's attitude is so nonchalant. :-O

And why did the owner declaw all her cats?? And now she doesn't want them all anymore. Tsk..tsk..tsk...

15/2/06 9:43 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Grandchild on the way. She has a grand daughter though, and the little girl looks fine with the cats.

15/2/06 9:49 AM  

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