Monday, February 27, 2006

Contact list woes

I'm spending quite a bit of time talking to some of the caregivers and feeders from the estate to compile an updated list for the town council. The town council has had this list from a few years ago as I mentioned, but they wanted to have an updated list as some people may have moved/changed their areas etc.

What was originally meant to be an updating of the list has turned out to be a major exercise in persuasion. For example,I just got off the phone with a feeder. She does not want her number given because she does not want the town council to call her home too often as her husband will object. However, she wants me to put down another feeder's number. The funny thing is that when I spoke to the other feeder, she wanted me to put this woman's number down and did not want her number used. It's compounded by the fact that both of them are not talking to each other, so they're both urging me to put the other person down as the contact.

Now the second feeder is complaining to me about the first feeder and telling me that she is difficult and does things badly. Sigh.

I think I won't be able to use either of them in this case.


Blogger Kayley said...

TCs do call people up often. I contacted my TC over some trivial stuff and they kept asking to meet up until I got fed up and screamed at them over the phone.

I guess the women were afraid of this kind of calling up, and also because they want to "push the blame" to the other party should problems crop up.


27/2/06 3:41 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I am the contact person for quite a few town councils and so I do get called quite often, but this is for areas all over Singapore. I think they may need to meet up because they want full details. Usually if one of them calls, they will call once and wait for me to get back to them. I must say I've never really felt hassled.

27/2/06 3:59 PM  
Blogger Kayley said...

Maybe you have more patience than I did hahhah.... Generally among my friends there is this mistrust of the TCs because we barely know them. And perhaps we were expecting TC members to speak fluently and politely but some of those who called up sounded like crude people!!!

I sure hope those 2 will give both their names and numbers. Its just interesting to know what happened that made them so mad at each other hahah

27/2/06 8:10 PM  

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