Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Poor Jolanda - yes she's still here, but not for much longer! Sometimes with requests like the one below, we can't blame her for leaving.

Someone wrote in to say that they needed an urgent slot for a pregnant cat to be sterilised and Jolanda arranged it specially as this person said that she needed the slot ASAP. Jolanda asked also if this was a community cat but the person said it was not, but that if it was not sterilised, it might go back to being a community cat, because her parents might object.

The cat was sent in for sterilisation today, and unfortunately it died. Jolanda called the clinic immediately to try and find out what happened and spoke to the nurse, but the vet was busy. She's still trying to get to the bottom of this. Now the person is blaming the vet, saying that they should not have sterilised the cat. She also said she should not have been so cheap, and now her precious cat is dead. She is also blaming the Society - for what I'm not so sure, because Jolanda bent backwards to try and help her out. She's now claining that 'other vets' would not have sterilised the cat. Which other vets remain uncertain.


Blogger vegancat said...

My empathy to Jolanda and CWS. Unfortunately there will always be people like this who will take this blaming stance when THEY are the ones who should be responsible and arrange for their own vet to sterilize their OWN cat.
Jolanda and everybody in cws have done a great job in improving the lives of the community cats.
Thank you.

14/2/06 7:51 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks Vegancat - fortunately, most volunteers are like you and the others on the board. There are just a small minority of demanding people anywhere.

14/2/06 8:15 PM  
Blogger Kayley said...

Hi I'd like to know what volunteers do. Als, if I work at CWS, is it a non-profit org or is it backed?

My friend and I wanted to volunteer but as we are schooling, it is not very feasible since we have rigid and sometimes unpredictable schedules.

14/2/06 9:21 PM  
Anonymous Aminah Bee said...

The pregnant cat probably was sick and that could be the reason why it died during sterilisation.
Golden rule when sending cats for sterilisation -- the cats must be healthy.
I had encountered stray cats feeders sending their pregnant cats for sterilisation, and none of the pregnant cats died.

It is sad to see the very hardworking Jolanda, doing appointments for cats sterilisation, leaving Singapore for good.
Not only will CWS, fellow cat lovers and I will miss Jolanda,, but our 4 legged feline friends will miss her too.

If cats could speak, they would say a big MEOW thank you to Jolanda for feeding, rescuing and compassion shown to the stray cats in Singapore.

Bon Voyage Jolanda!
Vaya Con Dios (God is with you)Where ever you are!

14/2/06 10:57 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Kayley, we're a non-profit and are completely funded by donations. Most of our volunteers work or study full time, so you can come when you can.

Thanks Aminah - I'm sure Jolanda will appreciate that!

14/2/06 11:39 PM  
Blogger kuro.shiro.neko said...

knowing the reason from the vet would help. some cats develop an allergy to the anaesthesia used, and could die from it as well.

15/2/06 9:24 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes - and Jolanda is trying to find that out. There is however no need to be rude to Jolanda or blame the Society or the vet without knowing what is going on. I am sure she is upset, but the point is that SHE was the one who was demanding a slot immediately, and now she is blaming everyone. Basic rules of courtesy should apply.

15/2/06 9:34 AM  
Blogger vegancat said...

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15/2/06 11:14 AM  
Blogger vegancat said...

I think we must also be appreciative of vets who sterilize community cats at discounted rates. Ideally of course vets would like to do pre-surgery risks but that would jack up the cost. So to help care-givers, vets take risk too and if mishap like death of community cats, some of whom have poor health, we should not blame the vet.

15/2/06 11:26 AM  

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