Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fallen cat

If you live up in the West and wonder why it drizzled today, it was because I was at the warehouse picking up traps!

A volunteer and I went down after to try and find the owner of the cat that fell from a block of flats. We spoke to the woman whom other residents pointed out as owning the cats, but she showed us her cats, and said it was not her cat. She also said that another woman had come down two weeks ago and accused her of stealing her cat because it was missing. She mentioned also that two days ago, her bamboo pole had snapped as if something had fallen from a height and broken it. This coincides with when the cat fell.

The poor cat had been sitting bleeding on the ledge since Sunday. The volunteer and I left notes under every door above that unit, so hopefully the person who lost the cat will call down.

I also just spoke to the foster who was helping the neighbour post her cats. She mentioned the neighbour had just said she wanted her cats sent away, and that she was trying to help. Now perhaps the neighbour is having second thoughts. Some people (like the neighbour) may feel that every adoptive home is good - in this case she said she wanted the cat to go to a condominium because they would take better care of the cats!


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