Friday, February 10, 2006

Feeding cats

Tarsier Girl and I met for me to pass her the renewal letters and donations. We then went to the bank, and while I was cashing in the money, the cashier asked me what CWS did. I explained that we work for the promotion of sterilisation and she started telling me about the problem in her block. She said the cats were making a lot of noise, and that there were new kittens born all the time. She said one of the neighbours on the ground floor was feeding all the cats.

I gave her my number and asked her to get her neighbour to give me a call, but she kept saying that these weren't her neighbour's cats, and that she was just feeding them. I tried to explain to her that it was really important for her neighbour to get the cats sterilised. She might be fairly understanding, but not everyone else would be.

This is a perennial problem. No one thinks that the cats are 'theirs' or their responsibility. People misguidedly think that they're being kind by feeding the cats, but this leads to complaints when they're not properly managed, and then the cats are rounded up and killed.


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