Friday, February 10, 2006

"I'm not feeding the cat"

We also spoke to another family. We told them we were down because we were concerned the cats would be caught. The family at first denied feeding the cats, but then complained that their neighbour was being unreasonable, because it was not their cat and they were just feeding it when it came up. We told them there was nothing wrong with feeding it, but that it was prudent to feed in the void deck and to get the other cat sterilised. We emphasised that we just wanted to make sure that the cats weren't removed because of complaints.

The father of the family said that he fed the cat when it came up but it wasn't his cat and that he might just take the cat and dump it somewhere else. We explained that this was not what anyone wanted, but that we wanted to make sure that the cats weren't killed. The father didn't seem too concerned, but his daughter came and spoke with us. She asked if we singled them out and why because other people were also feeding the cats. We showed her the flyer and that we were handing it out to everyone. We hope that she'll be able to stop the father from feeding the cat upstairs.

The caregiver was also concerned when we told her. She said this cat is already being fed in the void deck and that she hoped the rest of them would stop feeding the cat and jeopardising it by doing so.


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