Thursday, February 16, 2006

Importance of Management

Cats and plants
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I had a long conversation with a woman who travels around trapping cats for sterilisation today. Apparently, she and another woman often go around and sterilise the cats. Yesterday, she came by an area and realised they were about to trap the cats in the area because a cat was defecating upstairs.

She called and said that she thought the best thing to do was to remove the cat that was defecating there, but I told her that while removing the cat would help right now, that the main thing to do was to ensure the person feeding the cat,or whose cat it was coulld be found. On a wider scale, it was to ensure there was good management in the area.

She and her friend are good hearted and trying to sterilise, but then they leave and the place goes back to its usual bad state - food left behind by irresponsible feeders and complaints that are not dealt with. The cats are then caught and killed.

When CWS first started, some of the first committee did that, they started running around and sterilising cats every night in different areas. Firstly, they got tired after a year of this, in different areas all over and secondly, they realised that when they went back, cats had disappeared after getting trapped.

What we have come to realise is that its of utmost importance to work with residents in the area to set up a good management programme. Without someone there who can be the liaison with the town council, the cats' days are numbered once complaints come in.

One of the feeders today at the town council meeting complained no one from the TC called her to tell her there were complaints. As I told her, if the town council does not know you are there, how are they to contact you?

Some people are nervous about talking to TCs, and that's where CWS can come in to help, but someone there has to be responsible.

The woman who called me agreed and said she would talk to her partner and see if they can find someone in the area they're sterilising to be in charge as neither of them live there.


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