Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Interpreter's Booth at Charity Briefing

Interpreter's Booth at Charity Briefing
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The briefing was absolutely packed. There must have been easily a thousand people there. There had been some criticism that the feedback was geared only towards people who spoke English so they had interpreters too.

One major problem I see is that all the feedback is tailored towards larger charities. One of the recommendations made is that they want anyone who is a third party non-commercial fund raiser (basically ANYONE who raises funds for a charity - which might include you asking your friends to donate) to submit a statement of accounts to the charity. The panel kept mentioning banks and organisations raising funds, and I made the point that with a Society like us, anyone who wants to say, hold a small dinner and give us the proceeds will be penalised. We don't have large organisations giving us the proceeds from their family day for example, which might be substantial. This will discourage people from donating to us.

Most people were unhappy with this recommendation so the council will re-look it.


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