Friday, February 10, 2006

More cats being fed upstairs

Tarsier Girl and I went down to attend to a mediation right after. A complainant wrote in this morning to say that a cat had come up to the second floor and scared his girlfriend last night. He has written in before, and his girlfriend is apparently very frightened of cats. This has been going on for a long time, and the town council and the Society have both gone down to speak with his neighbours who let their cat out into the corridor.

Last night, as his girlfriend was going home, he said the cat came up and looked very aggressively at his girlfriend. His girlfriend was so frightened that she ran back into his flat. The cat was, I suspect, cauterwauling, and another neighbour came out and threatened to beat the cat up. The complainant calmed the neighbour down, and also called the police because they did not know how to remove the cat. He said seven policemen came down but none dared handle the cat, so they banged on the door till finally they could get the neigbour to take the cat back into the house.

I spoke to one of the caregivers there. It turned out that they removed one of the dominant male cats, because he was too territorial and scratched someone who was walking a dog. Since then, new cats have been coming into the area because of the vacuum effect. Furthermore, the caregiver was quite sure someone's cat was on heat and cauterwauling. The cat was also attracting unsterilised males into the area. She identified it as the same cat the complainant was talking about.

Tarsier Girl and I flyered the floor. We did not see the black cat that both caregiver and complainant mentioned. People denied they were feeding though there was a food bowl outside one flat. We assured people that feeding was not illegal,and that it was fine to do it, but to please feed downstairs, and to sterilise. The woman I spoke to said that she had left the bowl there last week for her daughter's visiting dog, but I saw the same bowl in October. The cat also ran up to her doorstep and meowed. At the end of the day, we suspect at least four families are feeding the cats upstairs.


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