Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New TNRM area

An interesting situation arose yesterday and I was able to speak with the TC officer and volunteer today. A new caregiver has just started sterilising the cats in her area a month ago and has already done a quarter of the cats.

The TC has agreed to leave sterilised cats alone, but they want to remove the unsterilised ones because they say there have been complaints. The caregiver is willing to get them all done, and I think the TC is afraid that there will be 'too many cats'. I just spoke with the caregiver again and she is committed to getting all the cats done, so now I'll just need to speak with the TC again and see if they can give some lead time to handle the area.

Why I said that this is an interesting area is that a new caregiver stepping forward to say that they want to help out and is willing to undertake the project. Now we just need to convince the officer that this will NOT open the floodgate and mean complaints will multiply as well.

I think it's best to be open about this because if the caregiver is able to sterilise all the cats before they deploy pest control, TC may say this is not what they agreed to, and proceed to remove sterilised cats. It is best to be open with each other from the outset so that trust can be built between TC and caregivers.


Anonymous bc said...

Fantastic! Kudos to the new caregiver - committed and responsible caregivers are precious commodities ;-)

TCs should learn to appreciate and work with them.

New caregiver! Wow! I hope this is a good portent. The more the merrier!

22/2/06 10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the PM should be happy that there are Singaporeans like this care-giver who is willing get step out of her comfort zone to be sponstaneously active in community work. This is a rare trait amongst Singaporeans who are stereotypically apathetic and selfish

22/2/06 10:58 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes - glad to see it too!

22/2/06 11:50 AM  
Anonymous yskat said...

Dawn: Thanks for your help in this.

Anonymous: now we just need to have volunteers like this caregiver acknowlegded as active contributors to society rather than dismissed as "people who have too much time on their hands". People who care for animals who exist in large numbers (and not just for those facing extinction) are totally marginalised here. It might be easier to tell people that you practise a little necrophilia on the side than to let them know that you don't eat chicken because you think it is wrong to have them raised and slaughtered as food.

22/2/06 3:20 PM  

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