Tuesday, February 07, 2006

'Pregnant' tipped ear cats

I received an email from a caregiver saying that her town council had called and agreed to continue to work with her on a TNRM programme in her area. One of the concerns the officer brought up though was that there were pregnant and nursing tipped ear cats. I asked the caregiver to please check with the officer where these cats are, because I'd be very curious to see them. She mentioned that the officer was very reluctant to say where these cats were.

For one thing, some of these 'pregnant' sterilised cats have turned out to be males. For another, I've seen cats getting ear tipped under anesthesia, and some of them still twitch under sedation. Imagine holding down a fully conscious cat and trying to cut its ear off - you'd be lucky to walk away with both hands intact!

Also caregivers are presumably doing this because they don't want the cats caught because they care for them. This would seem a very inhumane way of going about it given in mind they're undertaking it for the welfare of the cats. It would actually be easier in that sense to just get them sterilised.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One time an elderly caregiver asked me to help her steirlise a 'pregnant ear-tipped cat' and turned out she had been sterilised and was just fat. Well, I still had to pay the full price cos the doc had to cut her up again....poor cat.

7/2/06 10:42 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Oh dear! Nice of you to help the caregiver though.

7/2/06 10:46 AM  

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