Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Removing cats does not work

The caregiver I spoke to earlier also mentioned to me that when she was on her rounds feeding the sterilised cats, a woman came up and asked her not to feed so close to the block. She said the cats were cauterwauling in the middle of the night.

The caregiver showed her that the cats she was feeding were sterilised. She suspects there are indoor cats which are let out at night, because there are only those two cats in the block and they have been there for a long time. She also agreed to move the feeding spot to accomodate the complainant.

The caregiver also told her that there used to be more cats in the area, but that many had been caught over the years. The woman agreed, but said town council had told her there was no point in trapping the cats any longer in that area, because cats kept coming back. So interestingly enough, they've stopped coming to trap the cats in the area because they've given up too.


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