Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Talking to caregivers

I have been calling caregivers today because one of the town councils wants an updated list since the one they have is a few years old. Some people have disconnected their phones. One woman is very worried about giving her area but I told her to think about it and let me know.It turns out a police officer had told her it was illegal to feed cats and she has been frightened since then. I've told her to take the officer's name and number down in the future, or she can ask the officer to call me if it should happen again. She was wondering if it was okay to ask for the officer's number and I told her that if the officer did not give her his or her name and number, she should be suspicious. I told her of course to be polite.

I have to also say that I was quite touched that despite the obvious worry she had about the town council, she was fine about giving me her address so I could mail her something.

I spoke to another feeder who told me that she did not want to let the town council know. She said all of the town councils were untrustworthy and that she and her friend no longer wanted to work with them. Strangely enough, her friend was very amenable to giving her details and has been working with the town council. This feeder was also suspicious of other feeders, town councils, members of the public and others. I do know that there is some basis for her distrust, but we do need to try and work together. She kept complaining the other feeders were difficult, and many of them are, but everyone does need to try and put that aside and work together for the cats.


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