Thursday, February 16, 2006

Town Council Meeting

The meeting with the town council went quite well. They said that as far as possible, they will always call up the caregivers when there are problems as long as they know that there are problems in the estate. They said that they are willing to work with the caregivers and see what can be done.

On the way out, I saw one of the Property Managers there, who asked me why I was done. I told him that I had just been to seen the town council because of some problems with one of the other Property Managers. He expressed surprise and asked why I had not asked her to just check with the main office, and I told him that I had!

I spent another hour talking to the caregivers. One of the caregivers complained that she had gone to see the MP and that he had not been nice to her in the past at a Meet the People's Session. The MP then actually arrived at the town council coincidentally and spoke with some of the other caregivers and myself as well. He assured the caregivers that this was a situation that everyone wanted to work together on.

Unfortunately the feeder turned her back on the MP and refused to talk to him. I do understand she might have had a bad experience, but I was trying to tell her that it was important to perhaps voice her feelings instead of being angry and not working with the MP.

Sometimes, bad situations may arise - some may occur due to misunderstandings, some may occur because one party is unreasonable, others happen because both just don't seem to see the same point of view. However, try to set it aside if the other party makes an overture of some kind. It is important to try and work together instead of dwelling on the past.


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