Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Try to work together

One of the feeders called and said another feeder was confining a cat in a cage outside her corridor. She said the second feeder did not want to let it out for fear of another more aggressive cat beating this cat up. She was thinking of sending the cat to the SPCA.

I told the feeder who called to please try and talk to the second feeder. At the very worst, you've tried your best and we can look for another solution, but if you don't try, this poor cat is going to be sent to the SPCA. Not only that, it will undoubtedly irreparably damage the relationship between the two feeders.

It's really important, and I can't stress this enough to try and work together with the other caregivers. Some feeders I know can be very stubborn and almost impossible to work with. In that case, wish them well and then either work on your own or try and find other more like-minded people you CAN work with. At the end of the day, we're all working for the goal of trying to help the cats and to do that, we need to work together.


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