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Crush Video update

One of the ladies whom we used to be in contact as the Asia representative of World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) contacted me yesterday. She is no longer with WSPA but still does work within Asia for animals.

She sent me some links of the crush video as well, and said that as far as she can ascertain, it is not a hoax.

The good news is that she is working with some of the welfare groups in China to try and push for an animal abuse law. She asked me to send her information on the legislation in Singapore. She said from one Asian country to another, this might be more persuasive in convincing China to beef up their laws. I'll post more information when I have it.


Anonymous Aminah Bee said...

"Crush" Video is not a hoax.
More info and press reports on "Crush" Video here:

Stopping Crush Videos

Crush videos -- also known as squish or trampling videos -- cater to fetishists who gain sexual gratification from watching women torture and kill small animals by stepping on them.

As unbelievable as this may seem, and despite federal legislation prohibiting this type of animal cruelty, crush videos have gained a market among emotionally disturbed in the U.S.

What is a fetish?
In simple terms, a fetish is a non-sexual object that is viewed by someone as the focus of sexual desire. A common example of this is the foot fetish, where the fetishist is sexually aroused by feet or certain aspects of feet, such as high heels, foot licking, or even foot odor.

What is a crush fetish?
Crush fetishists most often take the form of a specialized foot fetish. Generally speaking, crush fetishists get sexually aroused by the thought of being trampled, crushed, or smothered under the feet of another. The fascination may involve elements of bondage or sadomasochism.

In addition to being trampled themselves, crush fetishists will also use objects: for example, the fetishist may delight in watching a woman step on a tube of toothpaste in high heels while envisioning himself under the heels. Food crushing is another common variation.

This allows the fetishist to experience the vicarious thrill of being trampled over and over.

Why is this a bad thing?
In this more tame form that involves only consenting adults and a tube of toothpaste, it's not necessarily a bad thing. There are many websites devoted to non-destructive trampling, foot fetishes, and "giantess worship", and although it may seem odd to those who don't share those particular fascinations, there's nothing inherently unsafe about it.

However, when extreme fetishists grow tired of inanimate objects, they may move on to live animals. Once the fetishist resorts to killing living things, he or she has crossed the line into unacceptable (and criminal) behavior.

What's the big deal? So, they step on a few bugs! So what?
The process merely begins with insects, worms, crickets and snails. (This alone is abhorrent to many people, since the insects aren't merely killed, they are tortured to death slowly and excruciatingly.)

As the fetishists become desensitized to watching smaller creatures squirm in agony, they move on to larger and larger creatures. Tarantulas and large centipedes follow. Crayfish, crabs, and fish are next.

And when the "thrill" of tormenting those creatures fades, the hardcore crush fetishist moves on to more evolved animals that suffer more intensely and visibly: baby mice ("pinkies"), rats, guinea pigs, kittens, and dogs.

Empathizing with crustaceans and insects may be difficult, but few people are unable to see the evil in torturing and killing mice, cats and dogs. Those who cannot see the wrong in these acts are seriously out of touch with their conscience.

How many people are involved in crush videos?
Estimates vary, but it is believed that less than 2,000 people worldwide are participants or viewers of crush videos. Sadly, the practice has spready to the UK, which is now dealing with its own outbreak of crush videos (or "squish videos", as they are more commonly known there).
With the explosive growth of peer-to-peer file sharing networks, the availability and production of crush videos is likely to spread if not aggressively opposed.

Are these people a danger to those around them?
Quite possibly. There is a well-documented link between violence against animals and violence against human beings. Animal cruelty is in the history of a majority of serial killers, rapists, and spouse/child abusers.

Consider that one who abuses animals lacks empathy. Is the transition from torturing a helpless cat to torturing a helpless baby all that great?

Are there laws against crush videos?
Yes! In 1999, Public Law 106-152 (Title 18, Section 48) was enacted. This Federal legislation makes it a felony to create, sell, or possess videos depicting animal cruelty with the intention of profiting financially from them.

Additionally, most states have stringent anti-cruelty laws, although enforcement of these laws is sometimes lax.

How can I put a stop to animal abuse in crush videos?
That's easy: speak up.

By contacting the appropriate officials when you find a crush video web site, or if you suspect that someone is abusing animals, you ensure that these atrocities don't slip under the radar of law enforcement.
By contacting the internet service provider of the abuser, you help cut off their connection to the purchasers who enable the practice.
By warning pet stores and feed stores in the vicinity of the abusers, you help spread awareness of the problem.
Pick any one or more of these actions, and you'll have taken a step towards eliminating crush videos in the US.
However, you should NOT:
Harass or threaten these individuals
Mailbomb, launch denial of service attacks or other internet-related harassment
Post defamatory information about them -- the facts are damning enough

Who can I report crush videos to?
If you know or suspect that someone is engaged in animal cruelty, you can contact any of the following agencies:

Your local ASPCA or Humane Society
Your local police
Your state's Attorney General
for websites, the internet service provider

News from The Observer /UK News

'Crush videos' plumb depths of perversion

Torturing small creatures to death on screen is the new porn.

Sunday May 19, 2002 (Archive News)
The Observer News

It begins with a close-up of a guinea pig lying spread-eagled on the floor, each of its tiny legs fastened in place by sticky tape. The camera slowly pulls back to show that a woman, seen only from the knees down, is pacing around the stricken creature in bright red stilettos. Her voice is soft and low: 'You are my victim. Are you frightened, little man? You know that your destiny is under my heels...'
Squeals of pain ring out as the sharp point of one stiletto is brought down on each leg in turn, shattering the bones. Next, the creature's back is crushed under a toe, cigarettes are stubbed out on its fur and hip and shoulder bones are systematically trampled and broken until, finally, the woman kills it by driving her heel through its skull. The torture has lasted almost 30 minutes.

Known as 'crush videos' or 'animal snuff movies', such films occupy the cross-over point between animal cruelty and extreme fetishistic pornography and, despite being illegal, generate hundreds of thousands of pounds' worth of sales.

An Observer investigation has uncovered gruesome evidence that the market for such material in the UK is growing rapidly, with at least 2,000 such titles available at specialist internet sites and through individuals advertising in private chatrooms. They include Vanessa's Frog Stomp, Mistress Di, Princess of Death and Debbie the Destructor, in which kittens, monkeys, rats, mice, frogs and other small animals, or even larger insects such as crickets, are crushed to death under heels, between breasts or simply by being sat on.

Until recently, the majority of such films had been made in the United States but last week, in the first recorded case of its kind in Britain, one man and three women from the Stoke-on-Trent area pleaded guilty to charges of animal cruelty and conspiracy to publish obscene material after they were found to be making videos of animals being tortured and killed.

Craig Chapman, 27, Christine Besford, 25, Sarah Cooke, 21, and Theraza Smallwood, 22, pleaded guilty to offences involving a kitten, a guinea pig and a number of mice.

They appeared in a Stoke-on-Trent courtroom packed full of animal rights activists and angry residents. All the offences took place between March 2000 and January 2002 in the Stoke area. The four will be sentenced at the end of the month.

The case has thrown a light on the darkest corners of the world of pornography and increases concerns that, as censorship laws are further relaxed, the illegal market will become more extreme.

One sex shop owner in London's Soho, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Observer : 'There has always been under-the-counter stuff. Ten years ago it would be films showing men and women having sex with pigs, chickens and horses. Occasionally you get drunken lads who want the really sick stuff as a bit of a laugh, but there are also your regular punters who are really into it.

'Few people stocked it because the penalties were far harsher than for hardcore sex and there was a real stigma attached to it. That's all gone now and you can buy the stuff all over the place, which means what's left under the counter is that much worse. I guess there always has to be something you can sell for £150 a time. Apparently with the animal snuff films, the idea is that you ejaculate at the moment when the animal dies. It's all about the contrast between doing something which gives life and seeing it taken away. That's what people say. I never watch them, I don't like them.'

Although the videos have been around for some time in America, there have been only a handful of prosecutions for producing them, chiefly because of the difficulty of identifying the women who do the crushing.

The first prosecution took place two years after New York police officers raiding the Long Island home that 27-year-old Thomas Capriola shared with his mother found an aquarium full of mice next to several pairs of women's shoes covered in blood and guts.

An undercover investigator who managed to penetrate a ring was asked to crush a dog and was given step-by-step instructions on how to carry out torture that would last 90 minutes before the animal actually died, in order to produce a 'feature length' film that could be sold for a higher price.


News from BBC News

15 November 2002 - Archive News

Man jailed over kitten 'crush' video

London -
A north London man has been jailed for his role in producing a video in which a kitten was killed by a woman wearing high heels.
Brian Patrick McCann, 47, from York Way, Kings Cross, previously pleaded guilty to conspiring to publish obscene material.

He was sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday to nine months in prison.

Four people from Stoke-on-Trent, who made the video, were convicted of similar offences earlier this year.

McCann was found to have ordered the bizarre custom-made video over the Internet.

Known as "crush" or "squish" videos, the fetishist practice has attracted the ire of animal rights campaigners, including actor Mickey Rooney.

Judge Nicholas Medowar QC described it as "plainly dreadful and depraved".

The judge said: "This type of material is to be discouraged and those who involve themselves in this filthy trade of animal cruelty and sexual depravity must expect to be treated seriously."

Clare Dobbin, defending, had said McCann should be treated in a psychiatric clinic instead of being sent to prison as he was extremely depressed when he ordered the video.

The judge said this was insufficient to avert a jail term.

Off the cuff by Aminah -
Methinks anyone doing "crush videos" ought to be crushed to death.
"An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth."

11/3/06 3:44 PM  
Blogger min said...

hi i am suppose to email u regarding volunteering..what's ur email address?

11/3/06 6:19 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks Min. My address is on the contact me page!

11/3/06 10:54 PM  
Blogger Kayley said...

hi aminah bee, I quoted you on Friendster.

I can't believe some friends of mine think these crush videos are ok, "because what George Bush is doing in Iraq is worse than these".

Its two different issues that overlaps at the point of cruelty. But these people don't understand the difference. There is no way these people will understand because they simply refuse to understand. Their complacency is pitiful and its sad that they don't see the point in something that is so clearly put across.

12/3/06 3:18 PM  
Blogger yanni11blog said...

link me up -

12/3/06 7:18 PM  
Anonymous Aminah Bee said...

Hi Kayley+Don,
You mentioned about Friendster.
On which website URL?

Could not agree more with "The War Song" by Boy George, with its lyrics War Is Stupid.

"Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages." Quote by Thomas Edison (1847 - 1931).

"Whoever is kind to the creatures of God is kind to himself.
He who is not kind to God's creatures, and to his own children, God will not be kind to him." Quote from Prophet Muhammad.

12/3/06 9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cat stomper found to be nurse

Yuan Qi
ANIMAL rights activists say they've tracked down the high-heeled woman who stomped a kitten to death in an infamous video and the man who produced the shock film in northern China's Heilongjiang Province.

Whether the pair will face any significant punishment is unclear, however. China doesn't have effective regulations prohibiting cruelty to animals.

But while the law may be lacking, the court of public opinion is already doling out a hefty sentence of shame.

Under pressure from local government, the video's producer, who works as a camera operator at a TV station, apologized for his actions and posted a self-criticism on the Internet.

A hospital nurse identified as the kitten-killing actress has disappeared from sight, and her friends and family are worried about what might have happened to her.

Outraged pet lovers began looking for the duo two weeks ago after a series of videos involving attractive women stomping small animals to death were posted on several "Crush" Websites. Some of the videos could be downloaded for free, and others were offered for sale at 15 yuan (US$1.87) each.

With the help of animal lovers from around the country, the volunteer sleuths tracked down the video makers to Luobei County in Hegang City.

"The video was taken on Mingshan Island near our town last summer," a district resident told the Beijing News.

Once the names of the culprits surfaced, Luobei government officials, aided by the police, contacted the employers of the actress and video producer and suggested that they be sent home from their jobs to write self-criticisms.

The producer was identified as Li Yuejun, a cameraman at Luobei Television.

He subsequently wrote an apology that was posted on the district's Website. Li admitted he was involved in the animal-stomping video, though he said he wasn't behind the camera.

He said he was offered the deal online by a Jilin Province resident last summer and then arranged for the actress and sold several video discs.

In Li's confession, he said he was sorry for mistreating the animals and is ready to accept punishment. But there was no suggestion on what that might be.

13/3/06 6:49 PM  
Blogger Kayley said...

Hi aminah bee. I posted it up under the url

If you can't find it, i titled it "Crush videos are SICK (reports)"


13/3/06 7:09 PM  
Anonymous Aminah Bee said...

Hi Kayley+Don,
Thanks for the info.
I copy and paste the URL, can't find it.
As I am not a member of, I registered as a member, nonetheless unable to find "Crush videos are SICK (reports)" and after several attempts, gave up my search.

Hope to meet you in Cat Welfare Society Annual General Meeting, that is, if you are a member.

"When a man has pity on all living creatures then only is he noble." Quote from The Lord Buddha.

14/3/06 7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

easy off guys...and just enjoy the squish under your feet :D

23/4/08 8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

easy off guys...and just enjoy the squish under your feet :D

Oh I will, as soon as you get over here and lie on the floor. I promise to make it last a long time.

12/6/08 8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i will enjoy the squish after a bear rips you to shreds and i get to tread on your remains, you sick freak

7/7/09 10:58 AM  

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