Thursday, March 23, 2006

I just lost a cat, can I have another now?

I have to say I'm always kind of surprised when I get these emails from people who write in to tell you they've just lost their cat and how sad they are and in the next breath, ask if they can adopt a cat. I just got an email from someone who said she lost her cat and when I replied asked which address to write to if she wanted to adopt.

I do believe that it is a good thing to take another cat into your home if your cat has passed away or has gotten lost because it'll help ease your pain and make it a little easier to bear rather than an empty home, and of course give another cat a home. However, it seems as if some people don't really seem too bothered - it's as if since they've lost this cat, they will just get a replacement right away. Maybe some people are just more adept with dealing with grief.


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