Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lost cat update

I spent a while speaking to the man whose cat was scooped up by someone who came by in a van today. His neighbour was quite sure it was the AVA - but after I spoke with him yesterday the logo and colour of the uniforms of the people who came didn't match. The poor man has been trying everything - he is now wondering whether he can call every pest control company to see if they have taken the cat, but then again, they may not admit it even if they did.

It's a private estate, so it's very unlikely to be the town council (who also denied that pest control had been sent down).

It's always the most distressing when you know your cat has been taken, but they don't turn up. If we had a database, hopefully some caregivers might find their cats.


Anonymous Moglee said...

So far, I was given Grey or Silver. My guess is a silver colour van.

23/3/06 2:56 PM  

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