Friday, March 31, 2006

Meeting Town Council

Jolanda, Marcus and I went to meet a town council today. This is the town council with the Difficult Property Manager. They agreed to try to work with us as far as possible and not to trap the sterilised cats. However, we asked what as far as possible meant, and we were told there are some urgent cases, where they need to act immediately.

We told the town council that in such cases, they could just let the volunteers know that it is an urgent case and the volunteer will then try and solve the problem as soon as possible. We also brought up the fact that it might be a good idea to let us know about complaints early so that the complainant doesn't get too annoyed that nothing has been done. We mentioned that we've noticed that people are annoyed the first time a cat defecates outside their home for example, but by the fifth time they're fuming mad.

One of the officers also noted that the complaints about 'too many cats' usually has to do with the fact that it's feeding time. We agreed to work with the caregivers to try and handle this to perhaps change the feeding spot or the time.


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