Monday, March 27, 2006

Not speaking up

I just spoke to a caregiver who is convinced that they are killing cats all over Singapore and that the only good constituencies are the opposition ones! She said that the area she is working in is a PAP constituency overlapping an opposition one and that the people in the opposition TC (which she does not live in) are very nice and work with her (though they ask her to remove the cats - but that's another story). The ones in the PAP ward are not according to her. She insists that the PAP MP has been on walkabouts and has been seen pointing at cats to get them removed.

I told her that instead of far-reaching political conspiracy theories, she should perhaps consider what the MP has to go through as well. I told her that for example, people might have a problem with the cats and complained and the MP may have to react and might be just pointing this out to the officials with the MP. She herself mentioned that there were quite a number of cats in the area. I also mentioned that if for example, people complained and the cats were removed, but then no one complained about their removal, the MP might take that as approval. MPs are after all there to represent the peoples' interest whatever that might be.

She agreed. She mentioned that she had decided to write a letter to the Senior Minister whom she thought was a nice man and asked people to sign it. One woman called her up and scolded her for being nosy and for thinking that anything she said was of any use. She also said she just prayed for the cats when they were trapped and killed. All the others she said would not speak to their MPs because they said it was no use. She said a lot of them came running to her for help, but did not want to do anything to help prevent getting their cats caught, preferring to come to her.


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