Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sometimes it's not what you ask

I spoke to a caregiver about the case of the cats she found in the back of a pickup and asked her what the followup was. It turns out that the police had not gotten back to her, and she was not sure whether to pursue it in case the pest control personnel knew it was her.

She asked if she could get the address of the pest control man, and make sure that he did not trap cats from her estate again because he had come from another area within the same town council and she thought it was very unfair. There was another issue here - that of potential cruelty. She had told me that the cats had all been squeezed into the same cage and that they could barely move. Now the town council is not going to entertain your requests for the address of the pest control person - after all, just as they should not give your address out to anyone who asks, they will not give out someone else's address to you. Instead of asking for the pest control man's address, it would have been better to ask that he been told to trap within specific perimeters, and more importantly, that he not squeeze cats into traps after he has caught them!

Sometimes, it's not WHAT you ask, it's also how you ask it.


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