Thursday, March 23, 2006

Trapping cats

One of the caregivers called and I had a long conversation with her. It seems that pest control came into her area this morning. She called Sia Ping who called me because apparently the people who came down were in blue uniforms but did not come in a van. She asked them why they were trapping and which company they were from but they refused to give her any information. We advised her to take photos so she would not forget any details and to document which cats are caught. She called me again this afternoon and the poor woman was so distraught, she burst into tears a few times.

The people who trapped the cats got upset and called the police, and the police asked her to leave the pest controllers alone. She told the police that she was not there to make trouble, and that she just wanted to make sure the cats were properly taken care of. They also suggested that she take the cats home but she told them this wasn't allowed.

The caregiver also told me that on one occasion, she had been followed by someone in the estate, and when she tried to make a report, the police officer she spoke with apparently told her that as he had not hit her, there was nothing they could do, and that if he did hit her, then she could call them. She asked me why the police would think it necessary to come down when pest control called and not when she was being followed? Certainly, one middle aged woman versus three pest control personnel don't make the odds very convincing in her favour.

She is now wondering whether to take her favourite cat off the street, but then again, she is not working and is already strapped for cash and can't afford to board anymore. She said that she already has so many cats are in her flat. In addition, she knows new cats will move in again. She is also very fond of this cat, and broke down at the thought of not being able to see it quite as often as she does now.

She managed to call the town council officer and he said he will call her in the future before sending down to trap any cats. I'm trying to follow up on this.


Blogger purrsNswipes said...

I feel for this lady's dilemma, a lot.

You do get very attached to the little rascals, no matter how hard you try to maintain a distance. Then you worry for them, but realistically, you also need to acknowledge you can't bring every single one home or even find homes for them.

It's alway a joy to see them coming up and greet you, and to see them grooming after a good meal.

But you also really detest the people who try to harm your cats, and you sometimes question yourself why are some cats braving the elements outside while your own slack the day away in safety and comfort at home. You often feel helpless because of people's misguided ideas and the authorities' shocking ignorance/buck-passing. Your heart aches when one goes missing.

Caring for outdoor cats is just like caring for homecats, except they don't have permanent shelter.

I do feel care-giving is a fatastically mixed bag.

... not that any of this is helpful to the situation. Sorry.


23/3/06 5:24 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

i am wondering if it's consider legal for this pest controllers to be trapping cats off the streets?

23/3/06 5:25 PM  
Blogger Kayley said...

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23/3/06 11:12 PM  

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