Monday, March 27, 2006

Were those Kittens dumped on the Road?

Were those kittens dumped on the road?

Thanks E_Cat for sending me this link.

I'm not sure these weren't actually community cats to be honest, but still the point is a good one. I also wished he had made it clear that the SPCA has no choice but to put most of the cats down. It may give the impression that it's fine to just give the cats to the SPCA because there are always homes out there.


Anonymous slushy said...

Yes, people should not use shelters as an easy option out when they can't take care of pets. I find some people, esp young kids, also have impression you can give the pets back to the petshops when you don't want them anymore. I wonder what gave them that idea.

27/3/06 10:49 AM  
Anonymous yskat said...

Does anyone here have information on what happened to the injured kitten? did the writer of the article or anyone else rescue him/her? or was s/he left on the busy road so that s/he can be run over again?

27/3/06 2:49 PM  
Blogger iWooiBlog said...

I am always sad and down to see such things happen to cats and kittens that are living too close to the roads, not all felines are "traffic road savy" that they know the impending danger.

But what can we, cat lovers do? If we come across such situation (I mean, even if before they are actually run down by cars) I can't possibly pick up all the cats I bump into along the way.

I just do as much as I can, like when I see cats and kittens too near a road, I try to move them away from the road... But I don't think that will help a lot...?

It's just very sad to read such news...

27/3/06 10:06 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Iwooiblog, it is sad and sometimes there isn't much to be done. If you do see a cat run over and you can save it without endangering yourself though, please do rush it to the vet.

27/3/06 10:52 PM  
Anonymous yskat said...

Dear iwooiblog: You are right in saying that it is impossible to pick up every cat and kitten you see. What you can do to help, though, is to get adult cats sterilised. While this cannot stop cats from getting run over by cars or getting killed in other ways, it does prevent more cats from being born into this unfriendly environment.

28/3/06 10:48 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Well said yskat.

28/3/06 10:58 AM  

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