Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Whom to call?

I just spoke to a caregiver who told me that some of his cats had disappeared a month ago. He said that he had called the town council and they said they had not trapped any cats, but that his neighbours had seen some cats disappear and seen the pest control trap them. He did call the AVA but was told that sterilised cats are not turned in there (which is untrue). So he waited and waited, but the cats never came home. He decided to call me, but unfortunately he cannot remember when the cats disappeared, whom saw them being trapped, and whom he spoke to at AVA.

I told him it's best to contact me earlier when memories and dates are still fresh in his mind. I realised though that quite a few people don't know what to do when they lose cats, or when they see abused cats, so I'm doing up an important contact information list on whom to contact in different cases like these.


Blogger Kayley said...

Poor chap. He must be blaming himself now for his poor memory.

I wonder who gave the untrue information at the AVA. Really, the AVA and the SPCA are known as animal-killers among my friends because they put down those that they cannot house. If someone working there gives untrue information, that would only add fuel to fire.

29/3/06 7:56 PM  

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