Friday, March 31, 2006

Working Together

We often tell town councils and management committees and the like that we want to work together, but what does this really mean? It means really working hand in hand - so for example, if the town council has a complaint and they ask the volunteer to help, then the volunteer should try their best to resolve this. In return, the town council agrees not to trap the sterilised cats.

A big reason quite a few town councils mentioned for the failure of the Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme was that some caregivers thought that their cats were 'safe' under the programme, and hence stopped sterilising. As a result, the number of cats increased. This led the town councils to wonder why they bothered to work with the volunteers as this meant that they now had in fact, more cats to deal with because they did not trap the cats.

If your cats are unsterilised, they are never safe. The town council removes unsterilised cats first. If you have agreed to sterilise the cats, then please keep to your end of the bargain. Do not think that it's safe to stop, or that if there is a problem, you can complain to CWS and CWS will call the town council for you. The town council is just going to look at us, and ask why the population is not controlled, and if the reason is that the volunteer just didn't do it, it's not going to go down well at all.


Anonymous Moglee said...

I've read, seen and heard many finger pointings when there is a situation. Many writings and talkings have been done. If one side fails to keep their side of bargain, there is a slim chance of recovery. If higher authority respond, if the town council has enough to show that the recommended solution fail, don;t expect to get 2nd attention from the higher authority. When SPCA make it known that they will euthanise animal, they lose credibilty with many people. Likewise CWS will lose many opportunity on negotiation if these volunteers don't work hand in hand with the town councils. In the end, it is us who fail the cats.

31/3/06 1:53 PM  

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