Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cats, Lies and Videotape

It's not just cats that fight. One of the caregivers asked a friend of a friend to contact me about her neighbour's cat. The complainant has cats of her own but complains that the neighbour next door is mistreating the cat and not feeding it properly. She said that she has seen them beat the cat and the cat is very skinny. I asked if she had just spoken with her neighbour about this. Apparently, she and the neighbour had a bad quarrel earlier this month, and she called the police in and she does not want to talk to the neighbour. She also thinks her neighbour poisoned her cat by throwing poisoned pellets in her home!

I told her that if we get called in, chances are the neighbour will know who called, even if we do not give her name (which we won't). She wanted to concoct some story, but I told her that we will not lie - we will have to say there was a complaint, but we won't mention whom the complainant is.

This complainant said that it was fine - if asked, she will just deny that she was the complainant. She said she would tell her neighbour she had no reason to complain since she had five cats of her own! Sigh.


Blogger calsifer said...


As a care-giver, shouldn't the complainant be aware of the evils of anonymous complaints? Has'nt she suffered the frustrations and angush of dealing with anonymous complaints?

Why the need to lie, to hide behind anonymity? Guilty-conscience?

The pea poem Cao Pi did when he was forced by his brother to compose theme-poems or die is especially apt:
They were boiling beans on a beanstalk fire,
Came a plaintive voice from the pot.

"O why, since we sprang from the selfsame root,
Should you kill me with anger hot?"

20/4/06 7:45 PM  

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