Friday, April 21, 2006


I just spoke to the complainant in the case today - it turns out that she was the one who had made the original complaint to the HDB. She complained the flat was smelly. I mentioned that the neighbour had said that they had spoken with her brother and asked him to let them know if there was a problem directly. She said that she did not know and it turns out she does not live in the block. She said that her brother may be able to live with her smell but she did not want her aged mother to be subject to it. Her mother apparently has also never complained to the town council.

She also said that there was no use talking to the neighbours - she said she had asked them to close their door more gently when coming home as it might induce a heart attack in her mother, but they refused.

The complainant also said that she only goes to see her mother once a week, so she can't be expected to monitor the situation. I told her that if she doesn't it's going to be very difficult for anyone else to. For example, I told her I didn't see a single cat upstairs today - and I only got a very faint whiff of urine. I also think it's very odd that you complain and complain (and she mentioned she calls the town council often) and yet you cannot be bothered to actually do anything - not even monitor the situation. The town council is supposed to come down and check your corridor every day for you? Either that or it's really NOT a problem for her mother and brother who actually live there.

I told her I've spoken to the neighbour, and she said it was no use. She said perhaps it is necessary to kill the cats. I told her that because of her previous complaint, the family had released their cats and that this was why they were now coming up and urinating outside her mother's flat. I also told her that this was going to cause further problems to her if they just feed another cat upstairs. She agreed this wouldn't solve the problem. She's agreed to see whether speaking with the family will work.

She told me she lives nearby and has a complaint about someone else feeding the cats so she's going to get back to me about that too. Sigh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This lady deserves the brainless complaint queen award!

21/4/06 11:18 PM  
Anonymous the letter b said...

you are too kind Anonymous. what she really needs is a brain surgery taking out the dead neuron paths - which I'm sure are aplenty.

24/4/06 12:08 PM  

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