Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I just spoke to the person whose place I've gone down to twice. He said that he has been complaining for months and that if nothing was done, he would go to the MP (his neighbour he claims is feeding cats though she denies it,and the cats defecate outside his home). I told him that I had first heard of this case two weeks ago and I had been down twice already. I told him the town council had also informed me that they had trapped the cats there. As I told him, obviously the wrong cat must have been caught, as he is complaining the same cat is still defecating outside his house. He was very certain which cat it was as well and pointed out the cat with the collar.

I wish the town councils would also let us know a little earlier - sometimes the problem escalates and the complainants by this time are thoroughly annoyed.

I'm going down now to meet the teacher in the JC who wants me to give the talk now.


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