Friday, April 21, 2006


I spoke to the officer in charge of the case and told him that the concern was that the caregiver had been told that feeding was illegal. He said that as far as he knew, and he had not checked, feeding was fine, but littering was not. He said he would speak to the officer who had spoken to the caregiver the other day.

He also mentioned that the complaint was that the caregiver made a mess. The caregiver told me that she always cleans up. The complainant also said the cats are going into his home, but apparently she feeds in a field apart from the houses. At any rate the officer told me they are not pursuing this case.

One of the town councils wrote today to thank us for our help and mentioned that they may need more support in the run up to the elections. Just before the Property Manager wrote, one of the Property Officers did and said that there was yet again a case of - you guessed it - defecation outside someone's home. Sigh.


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