Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Strange woman

This strange woman has been writing in asking to adopt a cat. She adopted a cat off the board a few years ago, and now says she wants to adopt another, but there are strange discrepancies in her stories - she told the adoption team member that the cats she had were doing very well. However through her past behaviour, the adoption team member and I were a bit worried about her. At the same time, she wrote to another foster she knew and said that her cat had died that same day - a fact she did not mention to the adoption team member - and that she wanted a new cat. This foster had also been so fed up with her past behaviour that she said she was not going to adopt any cats out to her - and she wrote to warn us that she was on the lookout for a new cat. The facts of what actually happened are extremely garbled at the moment - the only sure thing is she's blacklisted off the adoption board. She also wrote in to say she had taken another kitten off the street by the next morning!

I remember as well that she had complained that there were some community cats near her home and she was so distressed by the fact that they MIGHT get run over and killed, that she wanted them to be trapped and killed. When I wrote to ask if she might consider a TNRM programme, she stopped writing and then tried to get into trouble the person who alerted me about the situation.


Blogger calsifer said...

This is scary. She's a bit like that woman who want to board her cats so she don't see them unhappy being vonfined in her own home, just a worster version.

Am glad the adoption board member is there to keep people like her away from our homeseekers. Kudos!

19/4/06 11:34 AM  

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