Friday, April 21, 2006

Why can't we be a little more tolerant?

I went down for a mediation today. The complaint is that the cat is urinating outside someone's home and it is her neighbour across from her who is letting their pet cats out.

The complainant wasn't home and at first, apparently the person with the cats wasn't either. I did meet a very nice man who lived a floor below them and he was a bit wary at first because I think he thought I might have been there to trap the cats. He wore a cap that had the name of a Buddhist group. When I explained why I was there, the first thing he said was that community cats don't go up. He said if there are cats running around upstairs, they are probably home cats, and he said he did not know that someone had pet cats in the block. He also asked why the person complained - he said that the cats did come to his unit on occasion but that he played with the cats and they never gave any trouble. He said that it was really mean to complain about the cats when the cats could not defend themselves.

He also said that he thought one of the problems was that feeders were not uniformly responsible. He said it was important to keep the area clean.

On the other hand he said some people complain about everything. He was involved in the RC and he said that people were complaining about cats, dogs, fur, hair, etc. He asked why people could not just be a bit more tolerant - he said that in any area where there are people, there are bound to be some inconveniences and he wondered why people didn't realise that and try to have a bit of give and take. Why indeed?


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