Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another difficult town council official

I spoke to a town council Senior Manager today. Apparently a property officer under him had trapped a sterilised cat and told the volunteer that she had not sent pest control down. She eventually admitted that she had. This is not the first time this Property Officer has done this, and it's very annoying.

One of the volunteers in the area called up the Senior manager but had not left her contact details with the Town Council, so the Senior Manager said he did not want to deal with her as he did not know her. It is important to let your town council know you are in the area so they'll know who you are and whom to contact. When the Senior Manager asked me about this volunteer I did not know whom she was either. The senior manager said that of course they would return the cats if they were caught by mistake, and they did that.


Anonymous yskat said...

Dawn: Thank you for helping to get the cat released. He is now back with the caregiver. Unfortunately, he is not well after a few days of imprisonment. According to a volunteer, he has has lost a lot of weight, shows visible signs of stress, has several injury marks on his body and a broken paw. He also goes into seizure occasionally. He is now resting in the flat of a caregiver.

10/5/06 9:56 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

My pleasure YSkat - am glad the caregivers worked quickly to get the cat out. Poor cat though!

10/5/06 12:44 PM  

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